IMADR and IDSN joint workshop on strategies to tackle caste and gender discrimination held at Beijing +25 forum

Participants and presenters shared stories, ideas and strategies at the workshop Minority Women: 25 Years as Agents of Change Together, organised by IDSN and the International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR) at the Beijing+25 Regional CSO Forum in Bangkok, on 26 November. The presenters included Judith Anne Lal, from the National Dalit Movement for Justice-NCDHR and the event was moderated by IDSN board member, Megumi Komori from IMADR.

The strategies aimed to address injustice, human rights violations and violence on the basis of intersectional discrimination and look at ways forward for human rights defenders addressing this.

Ms. Lal reported on some of the conclusions from the event including that, global gender justice is not possible unless we address intersectional identities of the diverse experiences of the diverse minority women, Dalit women, and women from indigenous communities, and stressed the importance of building cross sectional and generational solidarity to reclaim gender justice and development justice for all.  

Conclusions from the workshops will be taken forward to the sixty-fourth session of the Commission on the Status of Women in March 2020 in New York and a video from the event was made and updates were posted on Twitter.

Updates from the Twitter on the Event :

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