Muhammed Ali – who threw his Olympic Gold medal in anger

Muhammed Ali is the world most renowned Boxer in my point of view. Despite his talent in boxing he touched the world with the way he though about the world’s scenarios in that era. He was very much against Vietnam War long before that was a popular stance.And also spoke out repeatedly against racism and later campaigned against Islamophobia in the US following the 9/11 attacks.And he was banned for 4 years from boxing as he refused to be inducted into the US Army because of his opposition to the Vietnam war.

“Cassius Clay” was Muhammed Ali’s birth name.

In 1962 when Ali became the world heavyweight champion, he joined the radical black civil rights movement, the Nation of Islam (NOI), and changed his name to Muhammad Ali. He believed  that Cassius Clay is a slave name.And he didn’t want it. Before He change his name, in 1960 he faced to another horrible experience of being “BLACK”. After He became the Olympic light-heavyweight champion in 1960 after beating Poland’s Zbigniew Pietrzykowski.He and his friend entered in to a “white people’s” burger restaurant in his home town and he was refused to have table there by whites . He was very disappointed and angry about the incident and later claimed to have thrown his Olympic medal into the Ohio river.

Ali had many Bad experiences of being BLACK in his life and sporting career.  But he stood against it and many other chaos in the world. So he is kind of a character that everyone should admire and follow.

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